Legal Aid Prevents a Woman from Being Evicted for Helping Her Sick Mother

The landlord gave our client notice that her lease would not be renewed at the end of the year. Normally, a landlord can do this, but Legal Aid determined the woman’s apartment was a “Section 42” apartment financed by IRS tax credits.  Section 42 housing required a good cause for refusing to renew a lease.

The landlord said the cause for kicking her out was that she let someone live with her off-lease. That was true, but it was her 85 year old mother who stayed with her for 1 or 2 months while undergoing chemotherapy and waiting to get into a senior housing complex. The client has never missed a payment or breached the lease in the 8 years she lived in the same apartment.

Furthermore, the woman suffers from epilepsy and has grand mal seizures nearly every day. The apartment she lives in allows her to walk to her pharmacy and to get food. This is important to her, as she cannot drive with her condition.

Legal Aid went to court on behalf of this woman and convinced the landlord to settle the case.  Our client was allowed to stay in her apartment and should be able to stay for as long as she wants.