Legal Aid Preserves Housing for Mother and Daughter

A client came to Legal Aid because her landlord of 12 years was evicting her and her 12 year old daughter over less than $100.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development paid part of the apartment building’s construction costs in exchange for subsidized rent for low income residents; the client paid a percentage of the total rent cost based on her income.  When she got a new job with a higher hourly wage, she reported the change to the landlord and paid the higher portion of rent.  About six months later, her hours were cut significantly, so she reported her decreased income to the landlord.  Her lower income was ignored, she fell behind on the rent, and the landlord started an eviction action.

A Legal Aid attorney took the case and demanded the landlord’s file through discovery and filed a motion to dismiss the case.  Before the motion to dismiss was decided, the landlord agreed to dismiss the eviction on terms agreeable to the client.

The family can remain in their home of now 13 years and the daughter does not have to worry about transferring schools.