Legal Aid Prevents Eviction Because of Utility Bill

The client came to the Legal Aid Society after learning her housing subsidy was about to be terminated.  The subsidy paid 100% of the rent for her and three children.  The cause was that her utility service had been disconnected over a $3000 balance to WE Energies.

Legal Aid investigated the situation and learned that the client would have a hearing with the Milwaukee Housing Authority in about three weeks.  She had until then to restore her utility service to keep her apartment and subsidy.  The client contacted WE Energies who stated that she would need to pay $600.00 in order to restore her utility service, but even if the client could make that payment (which she could not), she would still be unable to pay her monthly bill going forward.

The attorney at Legal Aid then helped the client acquire a monthly income through W2 benefits and negotiated directly with WE Energies to minimize her bill through all possible programs and subsidies.  Ultimately, the client had to pay $200 to have her utilities restored, which she was able to do.  With a current account, she was placed on budget billing plan that reduced her payment significantly.

In the end, the client was elated that her utilities were restored, because she was no longer in danger of losing her housing subsidy. With help from Legal Aid Society, the client has regained control of her utility bills, remains in her home with her children, and avoided f bankruptcy.

Just another day helping out the residents of Milwaukee County.