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CDC Eviction Moratorium Extended through June 30, 2021

The CDC announced today their eviction moratorium has been extended through the end of June, 2021.  The moratorium qualifications and terms seem to remain the same–a tenant must give their landlord a CDC Declaration stating that they have had a loss of income, tried to pay as much rent as possible, and are seeking any rent assistance they may be eligible for.  We urge tenants to contact us at with concerns about their tenancy.

Jail Mental Health Care Survey

Jail Survey

The questions below seek feedback about mental health care at the Milwaukee County Jail (Jail) and House of Correction (HOC) during the past two years (May 2019 through May 2021). This survey is anonymous and is for the benefit of the Legal Aid Society’s attorneys, as class action counsel for the 2001 Christensen settlement decree, which in part covers mental health care at the Jail and HOC.

For each statement, you are asked if you agree or disagree, as to your Jail or HOC experience. At the end of the survey, you will have space to tell us any details that you wish to share.

1. I was satisfied with how my mental health condition was managed while I was in the Jail or HOC.

1: Strongly Disagree, 2. Disagree, 3. Neutral, 4. Agree, 5. Strongly Agree

2. I felt that I had access to a psychiatric social worker, psychologist or other member of the mental health staff if I needed any assistance or had concerns about my condition, my medication or my treatment while I was incarcerated.

1: Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree

3. I felt that the mental health staff was well acquainted with my condition, my medical history and any medications I was typically prescribed when I was in the community.

1: Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree

4. Medications I received while incarcerated were appropriate and were provided to me in a timely manner.

1: Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree

5. I was treated with dignity and respect by the medical and mental health staff in the Jail and/or House of Correction.

1: Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree

6. My housing area and cell assignment were appropriate and supportive of my mental health.

1: Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree

7. Upon release I was re-connected with my community treatment provider or case manager and/or my family and I was able to obtain prescribed medications shortly after my release.

1: Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree

8. In the space below, please provide any additional comments or suggestions as to the mental health care or the conditions of confinement you experienced at the Jail or House of Correction.

Please Note

Please note that any information provided here is to help us monitor the terms of the settlement agreement. If you wish to discuss your personal experience, or need a referral to an attorney, you may use Legal Aid’s intake form on this website, or call Legal Aid at 414-727-5300. We are not your attorney for any individual matter and you are responsible for any claims you may wish to pursue.

Thank you! We appreciate your time and your assistance.

Updated CDC Declaration for June Moratorium Extension

Click to download a CDC Declaration form updated to reflect President Joseph Biden’s extension of the CDC Moratorium until the end of June. The CDC Moratorium only applies to tenants who meet qualifications and send a signed Declaration to their landlord. Some types of evictions are not covered by the Moratorium.  More information about the Moratorium can be found at the CDC’s website.

If you are facing eviction or have questions about the moratorium, please submit an intake request form for help.

Thanksgiving Hours

Legal Aid will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27 for Thanksgiving.  We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday.

Rent Assistance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The federal, state, and local governments have designated funds to help tenants who have lost income due to the pandemic avoid eviction.

  • The Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program (WRAP) is a grant of up to $3000 paid on behalf of qualified tenants to their landlords.  In Milwaukee County, the program is administered by the Social Development Commission and more information can be found here or by calling (414) 326-2888.
  • The Milwaukee County Eviction Prevention Fund was recently created to help tenants remain in their rental units.  This program is administered by the Rental Housing Resource Center at Community Advocates.  Tenants can learn more and apply here or by calling (414) 270-4646.
  • Wisconsin’s Emergency Assistance program has existed for years and can provide funds for tenants facing eviction who have dependant children in their households.  The program is administered by W2 agencies.  Check here for a list of W2 agencies and more information.