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Legal Aid Society Saves an Elderly Woman’s Home

An elderly woman owned a modest home on Milwaukee’s South Side. One day a stranger knocked on her door and told her she needed new siding and a new roof. He told her she could use the equity she had patiently built up over many years to finance the repairs. The high-interest loan payments consumed 70% of the woman’s monthly income. When she was unable to make the unconscionably high payments for work that was both shoddy and incomplete, the contractor began foreclosure proceedings against the home. The woman did not know any attorneys, so her daughter brought her to the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee where Attorney Catherine M. Doyle went to work on the case.

In short order, Attorney Doyle got the case dismissed and the loan paid off in its entirety. The elderly woman was so thrilled with Attorney Doyle’s work that she played and sang a hymn for her in gratitude.